Lien Thanh Cup Men’s Football Tournament 1/2012

On the morning of June 2, 2012, the Trade Union Executive Committee and the Union Branch of Lien Thanh Seafood Processing Joint Stock Company organized: “The first Lien Thanh Cup Men’s Football Tournament 2012” to celebrate the 106th anniversary of its founding.
On this day, the teams competed enthusiastically with many dramas and attractions, the “Lien Thanh Men’s Football Cup I/2012 was a great success.

Image: Four teams competing
Image: Four teams competing

Participating in this tournament, there are 4 teams including the Office team – P.PTTT, PXBB team, PX 4 team, and PX 5 team.

Teams are divided into 2 groups according to the group stage format:
– The two teams ranked first in each group will compete in the final to determine the Champion team.
– The two teams ranked second in each group will play matches 3 and 4


With the spirit of solidarity and honesty, the players brought to the audience good matches, beautiful football plays, attracting a large audience to watch and cheer. It is worth noting that this football tournament attracted many youth union members, creating a level playing field between departments, allowing PX to exchange, learn and strengthen solidarity between unions. members and young people together. The tournament is an opportunity for union members and young people to develop their talents and assert themselves in the sport they love.

The Championship Cup match of PX 4 - PXBB
The Championship Cup match of PX 4 – PXBB

Competing excellently through the qualifying rounds, two teams, PX 4 and PXBB, entered the final match. With the spirit of noble and honest competition, the players of the two teams made the atmosphere of the final match more exciting. Winning against team PX 4 with a score of 3 – 0, team PXBB won the championship. From the group stage to the final round, through two exciting matches, the 1st Lien Thanh Cup Men’s Football Tournament in 2012 brought many surprises to the players and fans. Good plays, beautiful goals, tactical thinking, and the ability to handle the ball in each match are shown with sportsmanship, team spirit, and no less drama. There were smiles of joy of victory, and tears of regret, but above all, the tournament brought a healthy, rewarding playground and more opportunities to exchange and learn from each other, improving one’s spirit. spirit of solidarity between units. In just one day of competition, the players scored many goals in the matches, contributing to making the atmosphere of the 1st Lien Thanh Cup men’s soccer tournament in 2012 a great success. At the end of the football tournament, the Organizing Committee awarded the first prize to the PXBB team, the second prize to the PX 4 team, and the 3rd prize to the PX 5 team. In addition, the organizers also awarded the “Top Scorer” award to player Nguyen Hoang Nguyen of the PXBB team.

Champion team: PXBB
Champion team: PXBB

The organization of the 1st Lien Thanh Cup football tournament in 2012 was a practical and meaningful initiative aimed at providing a healthy and useful platform for union members and young people from different departments and laboratories to engage in sports, exchange ideas and experiences. At the same time, actively respond to sports training movements following the example of great Uncle Ho.

Ngọc Anh