Vegetarian dish recommend: Dill Leaves Rolls

Vegetarian dish recommend

: Dill Leaves Rolls


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Step 1: Prepare

  • Wash snow white and enoki mushrooms, squeeze dry
  • Wash tofu, pound or mash finely, squeeze to drain
  • Shredded carrots

Step 2: Make rolls

  • Put mushrooms, carrots, and tofu in a large bowl
  • Add the seasoning powder and mix it with the mixture to help the mushrooms soften, forming a uniform whole with no difference between the two types of mushrooms.
  • Next, add the dill and fried flour. Do not add water at this step because the mushrooms will lose water
  • Once it’s all stuck together, start shaping the patty, which you can roll into balls or any shape you want.

Step 3: Fried rolls

  • Put a pan on the stove, you should use a deep pan because deep-fried patties will taste better because if you add a little oil, the oil will seep back into the patties.
  • Fry until the patties turn slightly golden, then take them out. Because they are fried in hot oil, when you take them out, the remaining hot oil will continue to cook the patties.
  • Pork patties made from mushrooms will have a crispy and spongy taste. You can fry them a second time to make the dill patties crispier.

With extremely simple ingredients and a not-so-elaborate preparation method, just add a few tips, and you have an extremely attractive dish to serve as a treat or to enjoy on “boring meat” days. Regardless of age, when using a piece of patty, everyone will feel fascinated.

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