Celebrating the 107th anniversary of the establishment of Lien Thanh company

On June 6, 2013, at the Company’s headquarters, 243 Ben Van Don, Ward 5, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Lien Thanh Seafood Processing Joint Stock Company solemnly held a ceremony to celebrate the 107th anniversary of its founding. Company (June 6, 1906 – June 6, 2013).
On the morning of June 6, 2013, the staff of Hai San Lien Thanh Water Processing Joint Stock Company excitedly celebrated the 107th anniversary of the Company’s founding. During this annual event, the Company took place extremely useful activities for society as well as for the collective spirit of the Company’s employees.
Photo: Lion dance to celebrate 107 years of establishment of Lien Thanh Company
Photo: Lion dance to celebrate 107 years of establishment of Lien Thanh Company

On this day, the company organized a blood donation program called “One Drop of Blood – One Heart” to encourage employee participation in humanitarian activities. One of the noble gestures among the Vietnamese people is the act of donating blood for humanitarian purposes, which reflects their tradition of mutual love and affection. In recent years, Lien Thanh staff and employees have actively participated in this meaningful humanitarian activity. To implement this program well, the Company’s Board of Directors was extremely concerned about employee morale, so they prepared a breakfast for each person to nourish the employees’ health. In addition, the Board of Directors also encouraged employees with gifts.

Photo: Employees of the Company are donating blood
Photo: Employees of the Company are donating blood
To continue the tradition of “the leaves protecting tattered ones”, the Company gave 100 meaningful gifts to poor households in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City.
Photo: Company employees are distributing gifts to disadvantaged people
At exactly 9 a.m., the ceremony to celebrate the 107th anniversary of the Company’s founding officially began. The program opened with a speech from Mr. Nguyen Hoang Diep, Head of the NS-HC Department. In his speech, Mr. Diep reviewed the traditions and long history of the Company. On this occasion, he also summarized the outstanding aspects and shortcomings of the Company in recent times. At the same time, he further encouraged the spirit of hard work and creativity of the Company’s employees.
Photo: Mr. Nguyen Hoang Diep is reviewing the Company’s traditions.
During the ceremony, Ms. Mai, the Deputy Director of the company, shared short stories that highlighted everyday life with important human values.
Photo: Ms. Ngo Thi Hoang Mai is sharing life philosophies with the Company’s employees
After a few quiet minutes reflecting on the Company’s ups and downs and the depths of life’s philosophies, the atmosphere of the celebration shifted to more exciting performances. The opening was a traditional song of Lien Thanh Company with an extremely eloquent choir.
Photo: The choir with the song “Lien Thanh March”
The climax of the ceremony was enhanced with elaborately choreographed games from the Organizing Committee. The whole Company was divided into 5 teams, each team consisted of 3 members, coming from the Company Office, Market Development Department, Workshop 4, Workshop 5, and Packaging Workshop. The contest had 2 parts, the most prominent of which was the “No. 1 salesperson” round, which was a famous game show on TV sponsored by the Company. The salesman gameshow, which was very close to small businesses, was now recreated through the acting talents of the Company’s amateur actors, bringing joyful laughter to everyone.
Photo: Magic hat competition
Photo: “No. 1 sales person” competition of the Company Office competition team
In the No. 1 seller competition round, everyone also had the opportunity to learn more about the characteristics and how to use Lien Thanh fish sauce brands: Gold label, silver label, bronze label, and vegetarian fish sauce. .. . currently available on the market.
Photo: Some brands of Lien Thanh fish sauce products
After extremely tough, stressful but no less exciting rounds, the Company Office team excellently won the first prize.
Photo: Awarding prizes to participating teams
The end of the program was a warm party between the board of directors and all Lien Thanh staff and employees.
Thereby, Lien Thanh Seafood Processing Joint Stock Company always wants to build a strong team to have more steady progress in the market.
Photo: Cozy party of employees of Lien Thanh Company
(Thanh Lụa)