We respectfully inform our customers

We would like to inform our customers: Recently we have recently received feedback about Lien Thanh Fish Sauce product information being inaccurate, for example:
1. 30-degree protein fish sauce 4 Liter PET bottle is listed as super high protein fish sauce in 300ml glass bottle.
2. Golden Label fish sauce 600ml glass bottle is labeled as Ngoc Lien fish sauce 430g.
This information is provided by online information providers that have not approved Lien Thanh Company (Lien Thanh Fish Sauce). Currently, our Company is not affiliated with any online information provider nationwide.
If you want to check product information, please contact:
– Phone number: (028) 3 9430 790 or (028) 3 943 1219
– Access this website: http://www.nuocmamlienthanh.vn/
– Or through customer support on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/congtylienthanh/