Pure flavor of freshness

Whether you use Lien Thanh fish sauce for food dipping, food braising, or food seasoning into a hot pan, you always notice the pure flavor of freshness. This is all thanks to the process of mixing fresh fish with salt right on the sea. During the process of mixture, we make an attempt to not have any spoiled fish to avoid any sign of unpleasant scent in the finished fish sauce. This also sets Lien Thanh fish sauce apart from others, which is a result of nearly 120 years of experience in making fish sauce.

Mixing fresh anchovies with salt on the sea

Throughout years, Lien Thanh has consistently manufactured fish sauce using the ratio of 3 portions of fish and 1 portion of salt, mixed directly on the collecting boats right on the sea rather than onshore. This method ensures the freshness of the anchovies without having any spoiled fish, which also minimizes the decomposition and the production of unpleasant scent but still maintains the exquisite scent of the fish sauce.

Must be salted for the full duration

The salted used in fermenting anchovies is thoroughly aged, which contains a very small amount of Mg2+ – the metallic ions causing the bitter taste and the inherent increased humidity found in the salt from the Central area of Vietnam.

However, the fully-aged dry salt lessens the salty bitterness in fish sauce. On the other hand, it also helps to avoid spoiled fish caused by humidity, which helps to preserve the exquisite aroma.

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