Lien Thanh Thuong Quan was founded in 1906 in response to Mr. Phan Chu Trinh’s call for Duy Tan.
After more than 100 years, Lien Thanh’s Duy Tan mission has ended, but the national spirit has not disappeared.
That spirit is preserved in the quintessential flavor of every drop of fish sauce that you can feel.

Pure fragrance

Whether you use Lien Thanh fish sauce for dipping, braising or seasoning right into a hot pan, you will only notice the pure aroma. The reason is because by mixing fresh chuchu right at sea, we keep the chuom free of spoiled fish, thereby minimizing the rotten smell in the final fish sauce. That is also the difference of Lien Thanh fish sauce, the result of nearly 120 years of experience in making fish sauce.

Delicious taste from plant protein

Lien Thanh vegetarian fish sauce is produced like traditional fish sauce: also mixed with 3 pineapples and 1 salt, incubated for 4 months, with the secret coming from using the Bromelain enzyme Bromelain available in the pineapple to naturally ferment the nutrients. Nutrients create valuable vegetable protein that helps make vegetarian fish sauce full of flavor.
This is what makes the difference and is almost unique to Lien Thanh vegetarian fish sauce.

Lien Thanh Nhat Vi fish sauce trial program