(27/5/2023) Lien Thanh Fish Sauce at “Workers’ Day”, TP. Ho Chi Minh.

Lien Thanh took part in the “Workers’ Festival” on the morning of May 27, 2023.

“Worker’s Day” was celebrated at Saigon Agriculture Incorporation Company (Sagri) with nearly 700 workers participating. The purpose of this festival is to provide a platform for Lien Thanh’s fish sauce products to reach consumers, connect with long-time customers, and introduce a new line of vegetarian fish sauce products. These products are made with salt and aromatic ingredients, and come with an exclusive formula “3 part pineapples, 1 part salt fermented in 4 months”. After more than a century, the Duy Tan mission of Lien Thanh has come to a close, but the national spirit remains. That spirit is preserved in the quintessential flavor of every drop of fish sauce that you can feel.

Lien Thanh’s booth at the return event is stocked with a wide range of products to cater to customers’ needs.
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The board of directors at Saigon Agriculture Incorporation Company (Sagri) visited the Lien Thanh booth and tried the exclusive vegetarian fish sauce.
The employees at Sagri have the opportunity to try the vegetarian fish sauce products at the Lien Thanh booths.

For more information about Lien Thanh’s fish sauce products: https://lienthanh1906.vn/nuoc-mam-man/
For more information about Lien Thanh’s vegetarian fish sauce products: https://lienthanh1906.vn/nuoc-mam-man/