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Lien Thanh Vegetarian Fish Sauce: Revamping the appearance and creating a revolutionary product.

With a blend of innovation and traditional elements, Lien Thanh Seafood Processing JSC introduces its revamped Lien Thanh vegetarian fish sauce product “Delicious taste from vegetable protein”.

Preserving the heritage of the Duy Tan Movement.

On May 9th, Lien Thanh Seafood Processing JSC held an event at 243 Ben Van Don, Ward 2, District 4 in Ho Chi Minh City to launch the new look of their vegetarian fish sauce product, called “Delicious Taste from Plant Protein”. This marks a new milestone in the company’s 120-year journey of growth.

The purpose of the event introducing the new look of Lien Thanh vegetarian fish sauce is to expand its customer base. These are customers who either follow a vegetarian diet or are new to vegetarianism. They require a product that helps them overcome the bland taste often associated with vegetarian food.

Lien Thanh vegetarian fish sauce enhances the flavor and deliciousness of vegetarian dishes.

This marks a new milestone in Lien Thanh’s 120-year journey, continuing the vision of its 6 founders.

Ms. Hoang Thi Kim Chau, Director of Lien Thanh Seafood Processing JSC, stated that the company was established to support Mr. Phan Chau Trinh’s Duy Tan movement. Lien Thanh’s traditional values are rooted in Duy Tan – innovation. Preserving Lien Thanh’s traditions doesn’t mean protecting old ways of thinking and doing things, but rather innovating for development.

During the journey, Lien Thanh came to the realization that the main objective of innovation was no longer present, but the essence of innovation was still upheld through research and development of the company’s fish sauce products. The aim was to continuously provide new products that cater to the varied needs of consumers.

Lien Thanh celebrates the launch of new fish sauce products (vegetarian)

“Considering this perspective, I am hopeful that the upcoming event will showcase a fresh approach. Lien Thanh has taken a new step by introducing a vegetarian fish sauce product with the slogan ‘Delicious taste from vegetable protein’. This marks the beginning of our journey towards product innovation. Moving forward, Lien Thanh will continue to develop products that cater to the needs of the market. Additionally, we will invest in efficient distribution and marketing systems to reach a wider audience,” said Ms. Kim Chau.

In 2023, representative from Lien Thanh company stated that their plan is to develop and promote the message of delicious vegetarian food and plant-based protein. They aim to encourage vegetarianism in the community beyond religious boundaries.

Step by step to create trust within Vietnamese consumers

As per Mr. Nguyen Minh Hanh, who is the Deputy Director of Marketing at Lien Thanh Company, Lien Thanh’s vegetarian fish sauce is a product made from pineapple using the traditional method of brewing three portions of pineapples with one portion of salt, resulting in a salty fish sauce-like taste. This sauce is entirely vegetarian. The product contains 5⁰N vegetable protein, providing a delicious taste similar to traditional fish sauce.

Lien Thanh vegetarian fish sauce made its debut in the market in 2012. Although not widely advertised, the product has gradually gained the trust of vegetarian customers across the country over the past 10 years.

During the event, Deputy Sales Director Mr. Bui Duc Hue presented the company’s strategy for developing its distribution system.

On the day of the new product launch, the representative of Lien Thanh Seafood Processing JSC reminded attendees about the foundation of the fish sauce brand that has been trusted by Vietnamese customers for many years.

On June 6, 1906, the founders established Lien Thanh Company in Phan Thiet, drawing inspiration from scholar Phan Chau Trinh, almost 120 years ago. The six founders chose to start a business making fish sauce. They did so to preserve the traditional craft of the nation and because the fish sauce business was not yet controlled by French capitalists and overseas Chinese.

The brand representative explained that Lien Thanh means Lotus City, the original historical name of Hoa Da district, which is now the capital of Binh Thuan province. The founders also utilized the elephant as a symbol to represent the importance of national unity. The desire to liberate the nation through the power of elephants and solidarity is of profound meaning.

During the founding period, the next generations did not forget to express gratitude to the six founders of Lien Thanh. These scholars and intellectuals, including Mr. Nguyen Trong Loi, Nguyen Quy Anh (two sons of Mr. Nguyen Thong), Ho Ta Bang, Tran Le Chat, Nguyen Hiet Chi, and Mr. Ngo Van Nhuong, gathered in Binh Thuan province for patriotic activities.

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